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  1. Participants are recommended to bring comfortable and casual clothing for the camp activity. There will be modules that will involve outdoor activities. Caps and umbrellas might be useful during the travelling in Penang
  2. On the fourth day during Feringghi trip, it is advisable for each participant to bring extra attire.
  3. Formal attire is required during the opening ceremony.
  4. The theme for closing ceremony is Glam and Glitz



  1. Each institution is required to bring own transport. Any institution that can not provide their own transport has to inform the secretariat upon submission of participants registration form.
  2. The bus of each institution is required to stay through out the event for travelling purposes.
Other self-organized events and the expenses or accommodation for drivers are under each institution’s responsibilities


Opening and Closing Ceremony

  1. Officially start and ended the whole Architecture Workshop while explaining the introduction and conclusion of the camp to the participants.
  2. Dress Code : Casual and decent
  3. Involves participants, observers, lecturers and public

Ice Breaking Session

  1. A design fire torch standing at 1.5m with 150ml kerosene oil container with a stand should be prepared by each school to represent each institution. The design should reflect the school’s identity. For caution and safety, the material used must inflammable.
  2. Each school must prepare a short and unique cheer as an introduction for the ice-breaking.
  3. Dress Code : Casual attire
  4. Involves participants, observers and lecturers

Performance Night

  1. Each institution must prepare maximum of 10 minutes for stage performance and             3 minutes for fashion walk.
  2. Dress Code : Casual and appropriate; prior to performance 
  3. Both participants and observers can enter as the performer.
  4. Involves participants and observers
  5. The stage size layout is 40 feet X 50 feet
  6. Background music for the fashion show is provided by the organizer and shall be notified upon arrival

Closing/ Awards’ Night

  1. Participants are required to dress casually based on the theme given.
  2. Involves participants, observers, lecturers and invited guests
  3. Theme : Glam and Glitz

Sports Activity/ Traditional Games

  1. This event will be held on the 3rd day of the camp.
  2. Dress Code : Sports attire and decent
  3. Involves participants, observers and lecturers

Equipment Required (throughout the camp)

  1. Drawing equipment, including drawing pens, pencils, scissors,cutter/blades and etc ( important for modules and sketch drawing )
  2. Computer laptops and camera’s (at own risk)

Heritage Trail & Feringghi Night Bazaar

  • Each participant is advisable to bring extra attire.
  • Dress Code: Sports Attire & Decent
  • There will be a visit to Feringghi Night Bazaar.



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